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Our SecureTrac team provides physical security assessments in order to evaluate your existing security program and identify its vulnerabilities. Our client's are involved in every step of this process allowing for constant communication and transparency of what we are looking at when assessing a property.

Our training team provides organizational and individual training in workplace violence, active shooter, self defense, the use of chemical agents (Pepper Spray) and firearms training. 

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Security Assessments

A Clear Solution

Securetrac's Security Assessment uses a structured, formal analysis process that allows us to develop a deep understanding of your business, operating conditions, corporate culture, and unique security risks and threats.

While client involvement is critical to success, our consultants facilitate the assessment every step of the way, keeping the project on track, and making sure that all important elements are examined.

Corporate and Individual Training

Trustworthy Training

Whether you are a large corporation or the boutique business our consultants can provide you with beneficial training covering topics of workplace violence, active shooter, physical self defense, the use of chemical agents (Pepper Spray) and firearms training.

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